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Crimes against Women


Any time crime goes unpunished

We are all more vulnerable,

When women are abused,

When women are threatened,

When women are raped,

All women are more at risk.


When Larry Flint, a pornographer,

Is celebrated by the Democrats,

When Bill Clinton, an admitted sex offender,

Was President of this country,

Absolutely because of them,

All women are more at risk.


And if Larry Flint and

Bill Clinton had their way,

Women would be no more

than cheap entertainment

To people like them.


Women if we truly want respect,

Say no to the lies

Don’t buy Democrats lies any longer.


This time let’s be smart women, strong women

This time vote Republican!!!

Support the New Republican Victory Committee!

Pornography Today


Pornography is the single biggest reason

That women and children

Are more likely to be victims

of sexual abuse

Now more than ever before

in our nations history.

Larry Flint, Hugh Heffner and the pornographers of this country

Vote Democrat.

They abuse women and children

And treat them as second class citizens.

But what’s worse,

They think we are too dumb

to figure them out.

Say no to the lies

Smart women of integrity



Support the New Republican Victory Committee!