We Need to Ask for the Sale!

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The first thing we need to do is identify  what are the primary constituent groups that have given Democrats political victories. We need to isolate and solicit these key constituent groups without which Democrats could not be elected to dog catcher.

1. Minority voters,   

             a. Hispanic and

             b. black voters

                 two totally different groups.

                 Other minorities may get lip

                 service but don’t count to


2. Women voters, and of these there

    are two distinct groups.

            a. Happily married women, 

                 women in good relationship

            b. Single and unhappy women

  1. 3.Blue Collar working men and women

            a. Union       

            b. Nonunion          

4.Senior Citizens

           a. Those living comfortably in    

                retirement from investments                                

                and pensions.

           b. Those dependent on govern-


5. People of faith

    Many people of faith don’t see how

    this could be, but many “Christians”   

    vote Democrat. Just consider the

    fraud these Democrats perpetrate

    on voters calling themselves

    “Reverend”. It’s a joke, but many

    Democrats buy in.

6. Government workers, includes

     school teachers, city and county

     workers, anyone being paid by

     taxpayers in any way, and of course

     federal workers.

Now, we’ve identified six constituent groups. We need to go after them, but how?

Republicans are so naive and so dense. They foolishly think the only way to solicit minority voters, women voters, blue collar working men and women and senior citizen voters is to promise them some government benefit, or check.  In effect they attempt to buy their votes, but for a little less money than Democrats. WRONG! This is total stupidity, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out

if you are attempting to buy votes, voters are going to go to the highest bidder (Democrats).

Moderate Republicans are morons to think they can buy votes and voters will be bought for less money, duhhh? This is why, when a limp wristed RINO Republican gets nominated, it is a recipe for defeat.

We can solicit each of these constituents and champion conservatism. There is no need to grovel for these voters, there is no need to beg, just lay it out, but we have to ask for the sale (their vote).

The primary key to sales is you have to ask for the sale, and make the case for the sale.  We can make the case for each of these constituents without compromising conservatism.

It’s not that difficult. You point out the benefits of conservatism and liberal failures, but there’s more.

We need to use these simple sales techniques.

  1. 1.Ads targeting a specific group must be  narrated by a member of that group. This is very effective and why Democrats are so intolerant and threatened by conservative women and minorities (Allen West, Herman Cain)

  1. 2.Just soliciting these groups will drive Liberals nuts. It will create a spectacle just by doing it. Liberals believe they own them and consider any attempts to solicit their votes trespassing.

  1. 3.We need to use ridicule to drive these voters away from liberals. This is the strategy employed by Hollywood Osamabama and Smartel Toys. One of the best ways to defeat the bully on the play ground is to point at him and laugh. It is really that simple.

  1. 4.We need to shame liberals by explicitly pointing out liberal failures.

  1. 5.Identify liberals with their seedier constituent groups. Abortionists, pornographers, drug users, wealthy elites, Hollywood elites, gays, lesbians, and sexual miscreants.   This will drive these six constituent groups away from Democrats.

  1. 6.We need to polarize our prized constituent groups from the unsavory constituents that are the real backbone of the Democrat party. We need to divide union from nonunion. We need to separate and divide the the civil workforce from the private workforce. We need to divide straight from gay. We need to divide those who fear God from those who don’t.  We need to distinguish those who work and pay taxes from those who don’t. These differences will identify the core of Democrat voters and the real working backbone of this country. Once the moral majority working backbone of this country can see clearly the differences between them and us, they will be won.

The only ones who say we should all get along are the losers trying to regain an advantage, but why would we want to give an advantage to people that lie, cheat, steal, and will do anything to destroy us. We have the advantage. The only way they can gain an advantage is by fixing the game (ie:us making concessions). They don’t deserve that much respect. In fact we need to quit respecting them, and call them what they are, lying cheating immature adolescent arrogant deviant miscreants that would like to impress their will on us. Hollywood is a perfect example of who they are, and we need to point at them and laugh, and remind voters of who they are.

This is not rocket science. It is just common simple sales 101. Identify your target, give the benefits you have to offer, failures of your competitor, and then use ridicule, shame, and foul associations to drive our target away from our competitor.

That hip Apple guy does it to the square pants PC guy, Ford does it to Toyota, and  Honda, and so on and so on.

6. These strategies can work on our 6th constituent group, government employees, however, due to the obvious conflict of interest they are going to predominantly vote Democrat. The best way to win these voters is send them back to the private work force, fire them. Pretty soon they’ll be one of us, resentful of paying taxes and the misuse of their tax dollars, and no longer sympathetic to their former coworkers.

Following are some ads that illustrate these strategies.