To Women Who are Victims

of Abortion

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The real victims of abortion

are not the children

They are innocent

And Satan cannot take what he doesn't own

The children will spend eternity with Christ

The real victims

are those children's mothers

Because they fell for Satan's lies and deceit

They will be separated from their child

for eternity

And their souls will never be at peace

The real victims are anyone

who would fall for Satan's lies and deceit

Many were so young and naive

They were taught motherhood

was just a career choice

There was nothing sacred about sex

It was just

for your personal pleasure

a little temporary comfort

but just use a condom

And when you found yourself pregnant

you were told

There was nothing wrong with an abortion

You would be OK

You would get over it

Norma McCorvey was Jane Roe

in Roe vs. Wade

all those years ago,

That led you to that abortion clinic

Norma has gotten over it

She has accepted the forgiveness

of Jesus Christ

Now, someday

Norma will see all God's children.

They will be running to greet her

with open arms

You can accept

the forgiveness of Jesus Christ

and you can love

and be with your child someday

And just as a shepherd rejoices

when a lost lamb is found

your child will rejoice,

that someday it will have it's mother

Your child will have his mother’s love

Your life will have new meaning

just as if you had kept your child

and raised him yourself

you will find the joy

your child could have given you,

and the peace and happiness

you were seeking.

God's plan is for mothers to love their children, and there is no substitute. Toys, a big house, or a caring nanny cannot replace a mother's love. Today some have a different plan. Our children and women suffer. Children should go to bed each night secure in their mother's love.

Mothers should love, cherish, and protect their children. There should be no place safer than a mother's womb.