The Obama Purge

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Rod Blagoyavich has done nothing to have been purged from the Democrat book of life. There are countless Democrats of which are documented to have done far worse. William Jefferson, Bill Clinton, Mayor Dailey and every Chicago mayor since Alfonse Capone was running bootlegging during prohibition. Chris cox, Franklyn Reines, Barney Frank, and Jim Johnson of the Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae collapse are far worse than anything Blago even talked about. Corruption among Democrats is the rule and not the exception, and 99% of the time they are defended vigorously by fellow Dems. Recieving and granting payola is job security to most Democrats especially Illinois Democrats. In the case of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae all that was done is definitely considered job security as Democrats continue to loot our treasury and will require cover from the media, and fellow politicians, and when everyone is corrupt who dare blow a whistle, lest they be outed themselves.

This is why when Republican conspire with Democrats, when Republicans get their hands dirty it is double job security for Democrats. This is why during the Bush administration Democrats had a free ride because there was enough blame to be passed around for everybody and nobody would dare pass judgement lest they be judged. This is why there can be zero tolerance for Republicans that conspire with Democrats. For Democrats bipartisan is more akin to co-conspirator as they work stealthily to destroy this country. The Obama administration is now providing a glaring example of just how really futile and how destructive bipartisanship really is.

So why is Blago considered a villian. Why have Blago stories saturated the press, when you barely knew about William Jefferson, the Dailey machine, Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae and countless other Democrat wrong doers. Monica gate was far worse by comparison, and Democrats were clamoring to defend Bill Clinton. They also run to defend Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Frank Reines, and Jim Johnson. What was so heinous about Blago's offence, when so many Democrats have run to defend far worse offenders.

Blago is the first of the Obama purge. His real crime is that he didn't bow down to Obama and accept Obama's choice for senate nominee without question. His real crime is that he expected something from Obama in return for the senate appointment, and he dared to challenge Obama's choice for the seat. Blago is no saint, but by Democrat standards he's no worse than any other Illinois Democrat, he just had the nerve to say no to Obama or ask for payola.

Obama expects yes men and women in every corner of the Democrat party and woe to any who will question his judgement, his policies, his intelligence, his virility,  or any choices he might make. Howard Dean forget it. Any who will defend Blago, how dare you! And Blago's choice for his senate seat, Raymond Burris look out!

Blue dog Democrats, you had better be clean, because look out, they are coming for you now, and will stop at nothing to undo you. The wrath on fellow democrats will be grand beyond compare. There is no legitimate bipartisanship to be noted from their side of the isle. This is all or nothing, and because you are Democrats surely they will have something on you. You wouldn’t be a Democrat if there weren’t, or maybe your brakes may just fail, or you may have spontaneous combustion in your gas tank on a really really hot day just like flight 800. You know how stuff just blows up sometimes for no reason, or just a little flatulence in the tank. That flight 800 commission showed us just how that can happen. Magic bullets happen too. It’s amazing what a little imagination can create on investigative commissions.

But this will be fun, because corruption in Democrat politics is so grand, and egos are so bloated, there will be others with the nerve to challenge Obama. But we shouldn't celebrate their undoing because at the end of the day evil will be expanded beyond the mere the scope of Chicago payola. At the end of the day there will be a hungry multi-headed beast far more evil which must be fed. This is not just politics. History is taking place here. This is Biblical.