The Bush Legacy

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As this country spirals into economic depression and godless socialism I hear commentators reminisce about the good old days of George Bush. Give me and your listeners a break. Just hearing the name Bush should make every person who loves God and freedom puke. Bush bares the full responsibility for what we are now facing. Bush put us here and this is Bush's baby. Bush had 8 years to make the Republican party a kinder gentler party and mend fences with his Democrat adversaries. His compassionate conservatism has sure led to a more civil and respectful discourse. That George Bush is such a nice gentle Christian, and it's good to see how his values have rubbed off on Washington. Let's be real, he was a wimp like his dad. At the end of the day, nobody respects a wimp. If you want respect, you either stand up and fight or join the other side, but to be a wimp is the worst a man can be. The Bible said it best, it is better for a man to be hot or cold, but luke warm is an abomination.

George Bush is a perfect illustration of the futility of compromising with evil. But maybe for George Bush those weren't really compromises when he signed Kennedy's education bill, Kennedy's prescription drug bill, the McCain/Feingold election reform bill, and campaigned for immigration reform. And after Bush had become chummy with his Democrat rivals, how could he then stand up to them. When he had set the example for compromising with rivals, how could he lead his party to challenge them. Instead he opened the door for other Republicans to compromise and find common ground. He changed the dialog to bipartisanship and a more civil discourse. He went out and campaigned against conservatives in the primaries. He campaigned against Ron Paul in Texas and for pro-gay, pro-abortion Los Angeles mayor Dick Reardon for governor of California against Simons, who won the nomination in spite of Bush.

          His campaign for bipartisanship was in reality

                      a campaign for one party rule.

When the evil of socialism is so obvious and it's historic failure so glaring to intelligent people how then to sell it to America. That is where George Bush came in. So they find a  patsy in the other party to carry their water. George Bush, John McCain, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, Jim Jeffers, Arlen Spector, Lindsay Graham, even Newt Gingrich etc. etc. These stoolies in the Republican party are much worse than bipartisan, they are collaborators. They are stealth enemies from within. They also are working for one party rule. Occasionally they may huff and puff pretending to be patriotic Americans, but they really think they know what's best for us. In fact they think they know better than us.

And when you consider that educated intelligent people would surely know better than to accept socialism, uneducated and indoctrinated masses wouldn’t, and people that look down on society as being unable to provide or care for themselves, people who see themselves as above the masses, and essential to the care and feeding of the lower rungs of humanity. Basically the uneducated ignorant masses and elitist snobs are who would support socialism. Public education has definitely accomplished that. They have created indoctrinated ignorant masses, and educated elitist snobs.

George Bush knew who was teaching our kids, and knew what was being taught. He knew the impact of illegal immigration. He knew what election reform would do. He knew what Democrats were up to. He knew what was happening at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. He knew all along. He is a country club elitist Republican. He doesn't think the masses can manage their lives.  He is a party to what is happening now. Barak Hussain Obama is the true legacy of George Bush. Elitism is elitism and should have no place in the Republican party. Those who think much of humanity would be better off if never born don't deserve to be called Republican. They should be Democrat. But but but, Bush opposed abortion. Grow up. Bush was a total fraud. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he knew where he was leading this nation. Talk is cheap. He also declared Islam to be the religion of peace. He gave an abortionist from hell Ted Kennedy a seat next to him on numerous bills. He fooled millions of Americans, but we’re getting wise to elitist country club Republicans now.

It's easy to walk into any grocery store, look at welfare women, men and kids and think we should have spared humanity the burden of caring for them, but welfare is what created them. If it weren't for welfare their lives would have purpose. If it weren't for welfare they would be caring for their families and working to resolve life's challenges instead of existing in front of a TV or to go shopping for more chips and dip. They would be living their lives instead of vegetating their lives.

Thank you George Bush. You told us Islam was a religion of peace and one of the world's great religions. You helped us to see how good and noble Ted Kennedy was. You showed us how to compromise, how to abandon our principles.

George Bush, you are far worse than Barak Hussain Obama and as bad as this is, at least it is clear what we are facing now. You are the worst. We can roll up our sleeves and fight this clear and present danger, but you back slid us into this mess. You got us here. And thank God McCain didn't get elected.  This country may never have been able to recover. Another RINO traitor in the white house would surely have ended this great nation. Now, thanks to Barak Hussain Obama, we will begin to fight back once more.

Bush, you are a pathetic failure just like your dad, and American patriots spew you out of our mouths. We wished that you were hot or cold, but you were an abomination. We must remember the dismal failure of Bush and McCain, and remind ourselves never to make that compromise again. The press and pundits sold you to us, but we’re watching now. We can now see what a monumental mistake those eight years were.