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The Value of Life


You are a burden on society

Who will care for you

Your life has nothing to offer society


If we could end your life

You might make a valuable cadaver

At a medical school

Or your organs may be of value

To someone more productive

And you will save society

The cost of raising or caring for you.

These are the arguments I hear from Democrats

Promoting abortion and Euthanasia

If you are sick, or over 65, retired,

alone and living on social security

These arguments should make you nervous

You’ve been frightened into voting Democrat

But if it weren’t for your vote

You’d have no value to them at all

And as fast as Democrats are taking our rights away,

Someday, they may not need your vote

Then where would you be

So while your vote still counts

Don’t be fooled

Vote with the party that truly has compassion

You won’t hear these arguments

in the Republican Party.

and Support the New Republican Victory Committee!