Proud to be Ethnic? Proud to be Diverse? Proud to be Different?

Different from WHAT!

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Latino's, primarily illegals from Mexico and Central America comprise 30+% of our prison population, however, latinos comprise less than 10% of the general population. That's something to be proud of. Mexico, Hondurous, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua etc. are third world countries, where corruption is rampant, life expectancy short, indoor plumbing the exception, and illiteracy the rule. That's something else to be proud of. Drug cartels and organized crime rule the streets and the police, judges and elected officials. You get a happy face for that. You should be proud!

Blacks in this country comprise 30+% of our prison population, however, they only comprise 10% of the general population. They should be proud of that. Blacks can also boast an 80% illegitimacy rate, and staggering 50+% living on government subsidies, and that doesn't include black minorities working for government and Acorn. If you include black minorities in prison, receiving subsidies and government checks, grants etc. a huge percent are living off working tax payers. Now that is an accomplishment! Got some black pride here!

Moslems have comprised 90+% of terrorist attacks around the world and in this country for the last 20 years. You guys have something there! WOWIE! And you sure know how to celebrate when you blow up a big building or get an airplane bomber out of jail. You middle east guys sure know how to laugh at yourself. You have a great sense of humor. Theo Van Gogh sure was hilarious, but you showed him. You guys have the corner on great attitude and sense of humor. Be proud of that!

Being ethnic is so uplifting. You should all be proud. Oh, and gays should be proud, transexuals should be proud. Those homeless have lots to be proud of too, and even those NAMBLA guys that love children. Oh, come on! Pedophiles? Absolutely! You don’t think there will be parties in Hollywood when Roman Polanski returns. You don’t think pedophiles are feeling pretty proud right now to be Democrat. They should be proud. Oh and the beastiality crowd are excited to be Democrat too. After all, it’s a victimless crime and those animals love getting stimulated. Besides that, what are pets for anyway? They are beginning to feel vindicated, beginning to feel some pride, and they should be proud! If you are on unemployment, that's something to be proud of. If you smoke pot, you should be a proud pot smoker. If you are receiving pubic assistance, be proud of that. Be proud of your tatoos, and body pierces. Body art is a real accomplishment and it hurts to get it. WOW, what must that be like! Be proud if you have AIDS. OH, Oh Oh, be proud if you are addicted, after all, it is a disease, and that must be difficult. You should be proud of that.

But for you latinos, blacks, middle easterners, whities and asians that work 40+ hours a week, live in the suburbs, and can't relate to the pride of failure, and maybe even attend a Christian church, and actually keep struggling to work and raise your families, what is wrong with you!

Especially you minorities, latinos, blacks and middle easterners that haven't taken a hand out, and haven't given up, HOW DARE YOU! How dare you look down on your own people. Your success has made you so white! Well, you wouldn't have had that success if it weren't for affirmative action. You couldn't do it without us! Don't kid yourself, you uncle Tom OREO pigs. When you act thankful, humble, respectful, and happy, just who do you think you are kidding!

Oh, but maybe you aren't proud, or worse. Maybe you are ashamed. Maybe you don't want to be viewed(profiled) by your working piers as living on welfare, lazy, stupid, oversexed and proud, or a benefisciery of affirmative action. Maybe you aspired to earn respect, and now are judged as less than a deserved recipient of your medical license, college degree or other accomplishments. Now because of them (the liberal proud) people look at you differently, as less than the person you are. After being jeered and slandered in the 50's and 60's as a wetback or spick, you finally were accepted by the community and your sons could ask any girl to prom, but now people look at you and your family suspiciously again, when all you wanted was to earn some respect.  You didn't want any favors, just opportunities, and you would earn the rest, but now all that you've accomplished is suspect as a liberal hand up.

The real victims of this culture of pride, are those that would have earned respect and acceptance. Those Booker T. Washingtons, and George Washington Carvers, who against the odds would prove themselves exceptional. Those latinos, and middle easterners with passion and perseverance are now considered less, and the barriers they crossed marginalized. The real pride of accomplishment they deserved and the respect they could have passed on to their people because of the example they set has been lost.

After seeing hard working minorities persevere and succeed in this country with thanksgiving and humility others viewed you as the underdog, admiring and rooting for your success. Now liberal pride has undone all that you strived for. Everything you do now is suspect, along with any attitude. Liberals have done something you never could have imagined. They made the white majority working man the underdog. They made humility and Christian values the exception and not the rule. They made decency a diverse deviancy.

That's OK, we're not giving up, and we'll try to discern the proud from the humble, and those humble don't deserve to be judged by their skin color, but don’t be surprised when it happens now. Those humble don't deserve to be profiled with you proud ones, but that’s the price you may have to pay, thanks to your liberal brothers. But you know what they say, Pride goeth before the fall.