Minority Ads


Civil Rights 

Being a minority I understand civil rights

And I understand how precious and valuable freedom and civil rights are

We all deserve to be treated equally with respect

I also understand there are people obsessed

with making immoral behavioral choices

They are pedophiles, pornographers, adulterers, gays, lesbians and women having abortions

They will tell you they have civil rights too

Brothers and sisters you should be disgusted 

They call sin a civil right!

After all we’ve been through

and still most of us vote Democrat!

They haven’t fooled me

I understand civil rights

I know what civil rights are

Now, if you believe in gay rights and abortion

Then vote Democrat, but don’t insult my intelligence and call it a civil right

However, if you believe in civil rights

Not just for us, but for all God’s children,

vote Republican

After the Lord has brought us through slavery

and given us our civil rights,

How could we turn our backs on these unborn children

Without a voice, Just like us.

For God’s sake, VOTE REPUBLICAN!  

Support the New Republican Victory Committee!

Uncle Tom’s Plantation


Initial speaker is dressed in rags (escaped slave). He’s hunched over, hiding on a river bank with dogs barking and men yelling in the backround. He’s scared, worn out and speaks with a heavy black slang.


Man I taut the Nort won da civil war.

I taut I was free

But der are racist out dar

Question whether I is ready to be free or not

Day say I is dumb

Not able of support myself

O my family

Day says rely on dem

Day goin a provide

Like my white massa provided

Give me food, cloths and a roof over my head.

But I is tired of livin on da plantation

I aint doin what dat white massa say

Or dose oreo uncle Tom massas in Washington

Say I should do

I’m getting on dat freedom train

Dat railroad to freedom


He jumps in the river and swims for freedom, slave hunters fire shots at him, but miss. He climbs out of the water on the other side and our speaker becomes transformed. He drops his slang, stands up proud and is well dressed. He points into the camera and states:


I can support myself and my family

And I can think for myself

But what really makes me mad

Is the Uncle Tom caucus

Telling me they’re going to provide

For  my family

I don’t need the Uncle Toms to help me

I almost forgot, but I just remembered

I am free

So thanks, but no thanks Uncle Toms

I’ll provide for myself

And this year I’m voting Republican.

So get off the plantation

Take the railroad to freedom


Support the New Republican Victory Committee!

Patriot Hispanic American

Yea, I was born in Mexico

and I thank God every night

My parents brought me here

all those years ago

This country has been a blessing on my family

So, yes I'm from Mexico,

but I'm an American Now

And I don't have any desire to go back

So I want to say to my brothers and sisters

from Mexico

That won't learn the language,

that disrespect this country

and want to repatriate the Southwest United states back to Mexico,

Then leave.

Maybe you need to be reminded what Mexico was like.

But you are giving my family a bad name.

You are an embarrassment to us,

and now because of you

Americans like us are being lumped in with you,

and loosing the respect we deserve and the respect we have earned.

We love this country,

and We vote Republican

So if you're like us,

and love this country and want to keep it

vote Republican

and support The New Republican Victory Committee!

Minority public schools


Most of you out there in the suburbs

support your public schools

And you are proud to send your kids

to the schools you attended

And you are proud

to belong to the PTA

But what about us!

We can’t afford to live in the suburbs

So our kids go to public schools

where there are gangs, drugs and violence

What are we supposed to do

I worry about my kids

the minute they get on the bus

And sometimes my kids are scared

to go to school,

No wonder our kids drop out and can’t learn

When you vote Democrat

You sentence our children

To schools where they are robbed

of their childhood

Living in fear with gangs, drugs and violence,

If you want to keep

your lily white suburban schools

That’s fine,

but give us a choice

Help us to help ourselves

Vote for school choice

Vote Republican!

and Support the New Republican Victory Committee!

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