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To understand Barak Obama first you need to try and understand his self absorbed undisciplined mother. From what little we know she was the quintessential Dr Spock kid. Never spanked, never corrected and never made to face the consequences of the choices she made. Her nonjudgemental parents were always supportive, never critical, almost as if they admired their pathetic daughter for her reckless free unbridled adventurous life, while they supported her, and raised her son when she could no longer care for him, because she was too absorbed with herself and her much more important responsibilities(saving the world).

Well, she may have accomplished what she set out to do with her son. Her attitude that the world owed her a living and her parents attitude that the world owed them a living has definitely been passed down with the help of some tender loving nurturing from Grandpa & Grandma with close friend and mentor Frank Marshall Davis (communist party member). From all accounts of Barak's mother, there have been few accounts of her actually working for a living. Barak has certainly followed his mother's footsteps there. She lived off her parents, her husbands and off government subsidies, grants and programs. Barak's mother understood all that was wrong with society, her parents, her ex-husbands, and all that surrounded her. She was the only perfect one. In her world everyone else was beneath her and there to serve her, because after all, she was here to save the planet. Therefore her needs super-ceded the needs of all others, and when she became sick with cancer it was just an example of all that was wrong with society that failed to provide her proper health care.

There is no doubt Barak's mother was seldom if ever told she had erred. Her self absorbed life is a perfect example of liberalism and the liberal mind set. Instead of working for a living and learning true life lessons, they just think about it and "poof" they understand. This is not the "time out" generation or the "go sit in the corner" generation. This is the "well Johnny or Sally what do you think?" generation. This is the nonjudgemental feel good self esteem generation on steroids and now they are here to save us all.

This country is suffering a golden child epidemic. Scott Peterson, Casey Anthony, and most celebrity children, Paris Hilton first among them. These monsters are all the product of Dr Spock upbringings. They are the masters of themselves and the masters of their parents from birth with doting parents and caregivers.

This is the result of self esteem instead of correction. This is the result of self esteem instead of teaching. This is the result of self esteem instead of accomplishment. This is the result of self esteem instead of results. This is the result of a liberal education, and now instead of correction, teaching, accomplishments and results we just have to feel good trying and good intentions are the real measure of success, that we are trying and our hearts are in the right place. For that we deserve to be rewarded, that we tried and had good intentions.

Another factor that has shaped Barak Obama is that he is the only son of a self absorbed overbearing mother. Gay men are often the sons of overbearing women who have failed relationships and marriages. There is often a love/hate relationship between gay men and their mothers. Their mothers need to control the one man left in their lives, and the son's need for his mother's devotion and love.

Today, single women raising their sons is another epidemic that is stunting the emotional development of men in our society. Women who have been divorced, or abandon have been spurned by the men in their lives and often take it out on their sons. Unable to control or keep the men in their lives, they turn to their sons, hence a growing number of dysfunctional gay men with overbearing moms.

The fact that Barak Obama was rejected by his mother when she sent him to live with her parents is another factor that may have short circuited his emotional development. This may be another reason he was drawn to an overbearing woman. Thank God Barak & Michelle haven't had a son.

Thus we have a perfect storm for evil. A self absorbed mamas boy golden child.  This is the perfect storm to illustrate liberalism. This is the perfect storm for the reckoning this country must have in order to set our course back on the course of freedom. There are parables throughout the Bible and parables throughout history that illustrate the error of liberalism, communism, etc. and all that is wrong with this world today. Well here it is. God help us all.