Make Men Larger

That Little Increase in Size

by Jack West

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                          by Jack West

It's no wonder this country and the world is due for a reckoning. Men used to be measured by the size of their character, their courage, faith, integrity, loyalty, and enthusiasm to leave this world better than they found it, even at the cost of their life. Now those were real men. Oh sure they had dreams of their girl friends, but those were the dreams of real men to make them their wives and raise their families. They were willing to sacrifice their lives to leave this world a better place, so that the families they left behind could pursue their dreams in their place. Now that's the measure of a real man.

What happened to the real men. They became obsessed with everything except what is the measure of a real man. They became obsessed with the size of their penis and if they had hair on their head or if they could still have an erection at 85. Even many of those guys who fought at Normandy have bought into the new measure of a man. Many of our best men have given up their dream for a better world and accepted that an erection is the most they can hope for today.

Well, real men will have to be found. Real men will have to step forward. The me generation is running the world today. The oversexed generation with big self esteem. Hollywood finally perverted the American dream to match their vision. Life is all about them. Their are no real men that sacrifice and put others before themselves. The golden children have grown up, and life is all about them and their imaginary world. There are no real men, they've played the part and they understand sacrifice and the real world. It's all just make up and make believe. Now that's real isn't it?

Robert Redford understands. So do Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Charlie Sheen, Brad Pitt, and Arnold Swartenegger, I've seen you guys in films and you guys  get it. I've even seen you pray on TV. You really understand life and sacrifice, and your kids, they'll get it too. An imaginary life and perceptions are really what matters. You also understand your make up artists, and set designers. You guys know what's real. I saw this one movie where Robert Redford was in World War II and man was he good. He was so convincing. He must get it. And I'll bet he's got a big penis, and he sure has hair on his head. I'll bet he has a great sex life even at his age. That's what WWII was all about wasn't it. Oh, and for your make up artists and set designers to marry. That was the other big thing we fought WWII over. Sean Penn, Ed Asner and Danny Glover get it too. So do Tom Hanks, Ted Danson, George Clooney, Michael Douglas,  you Baldwin brothers, Allen Alda, and that Trapper guy. You guys all get it. I’ve seen you pretend.

You pretend to be real men and you are so good. You must understand. You pretend to be doctors, soldiers, cops, firemen, coal miners, construction and factory workers and just working men. Guys that work 9-5  40 hours a week for 10, 20 and 30 years and raise their families. You know what that’s like. You know what it’s like to risk your life in the line of duty. You sure know what it’s like to be shot at, and you know what it’s like to die. I’ve seen you. WOWIE! You know what it’s like to struggle on a working man’s wage for a lifetime. You know what it’s like to sacrifice for your children, and family. After all, many of your parents sacrificed for you, so you know what that’s all about. You have pretended to be so many real men that have persevered through incredible hardships. WOW, how did you do it. Gosh, you have seen and experienced so much, and you were so good. Oh, you guys are incredible.

Well now you've finally arrived. It's about time we can finally achieve what all that fighting was about. So this is what men died for, gay marriage, gay adoption, abortion, Levitra, Viagra, Extenze, , legalized drugs, illegitimacy, Spanish as a second language and illegal immigrantion. Oh, and trauma counselors. Those real men all had trauma counselors you see. Oh, and for your pets. Pets are like a real family aren’t they? This is great, what an incredible society you've imagined. How could any of us have doubted you.

Real men who live real lives will have to step forward. Men of real faith, real sacrifice, and real love for their real families (children & wives). It's a shame we'll have to fight this fight all over again.  We lost sight of real, and the real sacrifices that built this country. That's OK, we'll do it again. Those pretend men don't understand real. They don't really know how to fight or what we were fighting for. Those imaginary men aren’t real men, they’re just pretend men. Those Hollywood pretend men look good, but their reality is just make up and make believe. Those pretend men wish they could be like you real men, and they even pretend they’re real. They haven’t got what it takes. They’re just pretend.

Real men will try and avoid conflict, and are able to persevere incredible adversity, but when faced with no choice, they will step up. Real men know this may be painful, this may hurt, but real men love a good fight. This is a job for real men once more. Don’t be discouraged, America has been under assault by these pretenders for 40+ years. Many “men” have bought into the new definition of a man. But despite  Hollywood’s efforts to redefine manhood, America is loaded with real men. This country is not lost, it just needed a little shake up, a reckoning to set us back on course. So, in the words of real men, Todd Beamer and Jeremy Glick, let's roll.