Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Show Trial for the Ages

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Oh fear, those rascally terrorists weren't read their miranda rights. Some liberal judge may set them free. Guess what chumps, it's going to be much worse than you can imagine. The prospect of terrorists going free will be the best case scenario of what could take place. After this trial is finished it's more likely we'll be apologizing to Moslems and paying war reparations. That's right.

As this nation sinks further into full scale depression and Americans become more anxious about the future, Obama and his new world order comrades will need a distraction and scape goat. The New York show trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators will be just what evil doctor No prescribed.

This will be a typical liberal defense lawyer strategy of bait and switch, as the defense shifts the focus from the accused to George Bush, and his Republican co-conspirators. OJ Simpson move over, this will be the show trial of the ages. This will be propaganda case study 101 as the spectacle creates a mass hysteria lynch mob mentality attacking all things Republican.

There is a growing body of evidence supporting conspiratorial theories as to how the towers collapsed and especially the collapse of tower 7. Tower 7 was separated from the north tower (WTC1) by building six and across the street from the tower complex built on a separate block than the rest of the complex over 300 feet (football field length) from the north tower. Building 7 was built in 1987, 15 years after the twin tower complex. Both buildings 5 and 6 were closer to the twin towers, bordered the north side of the original complex, but were south of building 7 and across the street from building 7.  Buildings 5 & 6 suffered damage, fires and partial collapse but largely remained standing in spite of having significantly more damage from falling debris and more fire damage. The Verison building east of building seven was closer to the north tower, but remained standing and suffered only minor damage. The postal building on the other side  and also next to building 7 also suffered only minor damage. Both the Verison and postal buildings had more street side exposure to the tower collapses. In addition to the mysterious fall of building 7 there is the appearance of a controlled implosion of both towers 1 & 2, based on the small foot print of the debris field, and the architectural design of both towers. It is not difficult to understand floors collapsing upon themselves in a pancake manor, but it is difficult to understand why the inner core support for the twin towers would collapse on themselves. The center of the towers consisted of 48 steel columns tapering as they rose to the top floor. The building exterior measured 208'x208' but it's 138'x88' inner core housed 17 elevator shafts, electrical, plumbing, ventilation systems, stair wells etc. and these 48 steel columns. There were no floors to collapse on each other in the pancake manor the perimeter office space collapsed. It is difficult to imagine that two passenger jets could bring down these three buildings in so absolutely text book demolition fashion. There are also numerous accounts of survivors hearing explosions on lower floors. Any competent defense lawyer will bring all these witnesses into the court room, and it's not hard to imagine they could establish a reasonable doubt as to the cause of the collapse of all three of these buildings.

The image of George Bush and Rudy Juliani conspiring to bring down the towers in a controlled demolition for an urban renewal project and justification for war will cause outrage world wide and sympathy for Islam. Imagine that. This show trial will shift the blame away from Islam to George Bush and all things Republican. After the trial of George Bush brought to us daily with Obama's '08 election strategy, once again Bush may be on trial for 9/11 and 9 years of a costly war on terror, but this time it may be for real. The thought of a controlled demolition with innocent people jumping to their deaths will cause outrage and a demand for justice.

The result would be near anarchy, internment camps, vigilantes burning churches, and Republican apologists dragged from their homes by lynch mobs. This may be the excuse Obama will need to implement his new world order final solution.

This may sound like an exaggeration of what could happen, but it could be real, and putting Bush back on trial to distract America is their dream come true, and may buy them another election, maybe our last election, if we even make it that far.

But make no mistake, just like the OJ trial, there is absolutely no assurance justice will be served, and there is definitely an alterior motive for this trial to be held in New York. This will be a show trial, and not unlikely to result in something similar to what I have imagined.

It is now glaringly apparent the main stream media is being used as a propaganda machine. It is amazing the illusions a magic show can create, and amazing the illusions that may have been created to bring us to this point. The notion that Islam is a religion of peace is also a grand illusion perpetrated from both sides of the isle. The media also has excused Islam and perpetrated this notion. So who are they, that have sold us this lie, that Islam is one of the worlds great religions and a religion of peace. They are George Bush and Barak Obama. They are Dick Cheney and Joe Biden. They are the new world order elite. They are CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS. They've been jerking our chains from both sides of the isle, but the evil of Islam is no illusion, and although the Moslem 9/11 high jackers and conspirators may have had some nefarious co-conspirators, they are no less culpable. We should never forget the spectacle of Moslems celebrating world wide the evening of 9/11. That spectacle of Moslems celebrating 9/11 is the true face of Islam. Violence in Islam is not the exception, it is the rule, and it is systemic, just as it was with their prophet Mohammed, and has been throughout the history of Islam.

The last thing Obama is searching for is truth, and the last thing they want brought out in this trial is truth. Not only that, there has been an Islam/Communist New World Order Elitist alliance for at least the last 30+ years and those put in place to advance their New World Order agenda are all expendable. That may be the price for selling your soul. Bush may take the blame today, but Obama tomorrow. They are just a means to an end, and the life of one man or the victims of 9/11 are nothing but just a means to an end.

However it turns out, this will be a spectacle, and history will be made. Truth will be difficult to discern, if it can even be known about our politicians and world events, but however this appears, we will need to look deeper, beyond the lies from the media and both Republican and Democrat leadership.

Secret societies have existed throughout history, and our national leaders and media anchors have nearly all participated in them, both Republican and Democrat. We know little of free masonry, Bohemian Grove, The Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group. In the last century only Ronald Reagan didn't belong to some of these, but sadly many in his administration did, including his vice president George H. Bush. These organizations all work their treachery in secrecy and are very astute in doing so. We should never underestimate their capacity for evil as difficult as it may be to imagine. We could never have imagined Hitlers final solution, or the starvation in the Ukraine under Stalin, China's cultural revolution, Pol Pot's genocide of Chinese ex-patriots under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Rwanda Hutu massacres, and Moslem atrocities and genocides taking place in Africa today or Moslem atrocities  and church burnings in Bosnia, but they happened and continue to happen secretly. During these atrocities reporters and anchors were silent, and we are rarely reminded of them today.  Abortions are done in secrecy. Without a just and merciful God, mankind is capable of the most heinous acts of inhumanity toward man. These secret societies must be kept secret due to their godlessness and treachery. There is way more to Barak Obama than it appears. There is way more to George Bush than it appeared, and there is way more to 9/11 that it appears.

When you consider the past, and past wars it’s not that far fetched. The slumbering unescorted Lusitania was sent into waters known to be patrolled by German U-boats. Washington was warned the Japanese fleet was steaming toward Pearl Harbor but gave no warning prior to the attack. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was an illusion, a total falsehood. What ever happened to Timothy McVey’s swarthy co-bomber? Why was there such a hurry to execute McVey? What really happened to flight 800? What happened to Ron Brown? What happened to White House council Vince Foster? What really happened on 9/11?

"Truth is so obscure in these times and falsehood so established, that unless we love the truth, we cannot know it "      Blaise Pascal 1623-1662

Evil must maintain secrecy. Secret societies are secret because they have things to hide. Treachery must be done in secrecy. Treachery can't tolerate the light of truth.