Incest in Our Justice System

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       Just as public employees are a corrupt constituent group unable to vote for the public good due to the conflict created by the origins of their pay check,  there is a another tainted constituent group much like public employees but far worse. Try as they might, this group is not going to vote conservative family values. Their motivation is similar to that of public employees. They also have a need to justify and rationalize their work. They are lawyers.

The real danger is that lawyers comprise a huge percentage of elected officials in this country, and are writing laws which complicate our lives and make their services even more of a necessity. A huge percentage of these lawyers are liberal elitists who just don’t think we can manage our lives without them. They can rationalize any defense of evil in their pursuit of money and power. They are masters at cunning, stealth, spinning and legal one ups man ship.

Lawyers are trained and paid to exacerbate the legal system they created. They have created this system by design to further their profession. They are paid to argue and defend evil. Problems in the legal profession are like the huge elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about or even admit its presence.

    Giving one group of Americans:

    1. the right to practice law, 

    2. the power to dispense the law and

    3. then to write the law




Giving lawyers the power to dispense and write our laws is like turning kids loose in a candy store. It’s like giving Saddam Hussein or Mahmoud Ahmadinijad chemical & nuclear weapons.  They just can’t help themselves, just like those kids in the candy store. The power to write laws and dispense our laws that influence their ability to earn a living is just too great to resist abuse. Today there is incredible abuse of our legal system by a good old boys network of judges and lawyers, and further abuse by lawyers elected to public office and those appointed to judgeships who legislate from the bench and write laws that further complicate our legal system. Our justice system has become so costly and unmanageable people are loosing faith in this great country. Today, because of abuses by the legal profession only the wealthy can afford quality representation in our courts. We’ve become like the courts of England we were trying to escape.

Consider the current state of our legal system. Ask any police officer just how effective our courts are. Our police risk their lives to apprehend and arrest criminals. They do this to protect citizens from further crime. They put their lives on the line, and then find the criminals they risk their lives to apprehend are back on the streets in a matter of hours. Society pays, our police pay, some with their lives, while the lawyers are getting paid. Lawyers defend themselves and say, “We’re protecting your rights!” Give me a break! They are protecting their livelihood! They defend this corrupt broke legal system by insisting they are protecting us from false prosecution, so they let 100 criminals free in order to prevent one error, one false imprisonment. They turn 100 murderers, rapists and thieves loose on society in order to prevent one mistake. Well I’d rather take my chances in court(less than 1% error) than take my chances looking down the barrel of a gun from one of these freed criminals (not near as good of odds). Lawyers put society at risk, and our law enforcement officers at risk, and all it does is pad their pocketbooks. Every time these criminals make it to court, lawyers are getting paid. Victims don’t get paid. They don’t get their lives back. They and their families pick up the pieces. Lawyers get paid to wreak havoc on our society, and then want to be admired and revered for their hard work. Notice how Hollywood glorifies the legal profession. You will see movies and TV shows depict evil in all corners of America, crooked cops, corrupt conservative politicians, athletes, engineers, and everyday people, but how often do you see a crooked lawyer or judge depicted on screen.

Again, liberal’s argument for this failing legal system is that we shouldn’t dare have one false imprisonment or mistaken execution. One innocent found guilty is not acceptable, so we should error on the side of caution paroling violators, avoiding capital punishment and allowing the guilty to go free. Well it is a tragedy when an innocent person is executed or falsely imprisoned, but how many innocent victims of these freed felons are there for each erroneous execution, or false imprisonment. I would argue that for each innocent judged guilty of a crime, there are probably 50 to 100 innocents murdered and raped by paroled felons. Secondly, is it realistic to expect perfection from our criminal justice system? Any rational intelligent person knows that we can not achieve perfection. There will be mistakes, but what is the alternative. The king’s court, the king’s whims, and the whims of judges who turn violent criminals loose on society is far worse. There are far more innocent victims of felons turned free than the few false prosecutions. Our justice system is there to protect society, and yes there may be errors, but even so, it is still better than any alternative. A jury of peers making judgments as to our guilt or innocence is still the best legal system in the world. The problem is that as our society falls into moral relativism, looses our moral compass, juries are more likely to error and our chances of getting a fair day in court become even more remote, just as the victim’s families in the OJ Simpson trial learned.


Compare a high profile trial today with a comparable trial 50 years ago. 50 years ago the defense and prosecution would have a couple months to prepare for the trial. A high profile trial may last a week, sentencing the following week and in a case of capital murder conviction, the execution would take place within a few months. Today that case would take a year to prepare, possibly 2 months of trial and another month for sentencing. If there is a conviction of capital murder where execution is ordered, the execution would take place possibly in 10-15 years.



So who do you think is the real benefactor of our convoluted legal system!


    Today with cell phones, pagers and faxes and more sophisticated means of communication and gathering evidence we should be able to move even faster through our courts.

Consider crimes of obsession. These are crimes where the criminal just can’t help obsessing about the crimes he or she is committing. They are most commonly rapists and pedophiles. They commit crimes of lust without feeling or compassion. Those criminals are the most likely to repeat their crimes regardless of the time they spend in rehabilitation. With our society where pornography is free speech, they tickle their fantasies as soon as they are free, viewing these crimes recreated on screen. In no time they are back to their old ways, plotting their next crime of obsession. Lawyers turn these criminals loose on society to repeat their crimes over and over again. Women and children are their most common victims, and often they are raped and killed. We know who these criminals are. Our judges and lawyers turn them loose on our society. Seldom is a murdered or raped child, a first victim. These criminals all have a history of sex crimes. At some point they were nearly all veracious porn consumers. When I see another child victim reported on the news and hear that the criminal had a previous history of sex crimes, I blame our legal system, our lawyers and judges.

Today trials take so long that the best and most able jurors will do anything to avoid sitting on a jury. People who have families and work for a living don’t have a couple months to sit in a jury box. They get out of it, and you can’t blame them. Well, when the quality of jurors decline, so do reasonable judgments, and who benefits. LAWYERS! When the jurors error due to incompetence, who overturns their decisions and decides what the judgments should be? JUDGES! Who are themselves lawyers. They have created the system which is failing, for which they humbly offer themselves as our saviors! 

The legal profession is directly responsible for the abuse of our legal system.

They will blame society and everyone but themselves, but they practice law, write the laws and dispense the laws. This is not a difficult argument. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

The problem is the legal profession.

Lawyers ought to be excluded from public service or judgeships and the right to vote. Gasp. How could anyone think such a thing. Well, it’s about time someone gave this some thought. Excluding them from public office or judgeships is not likely to happen anytime soon, but the sooner the better for the survival of this country. The legal profession is and will remain predominately liberal. They just can’t help it, and expecting reform when lawyers are pulling the strings is not going to happen without kicking and screaming. We need to be suspect of lawyers who run for public office.

There is a problem with our legal profession that has become a cancer in our republic, but this isn’t the first time in world history this has happened. A very close and most ironic parallel of legal abuse took place during the time of Christ. The Scribes and Pharisees during the time of Christ were the very same. They interpreted (argued) the laws, and administered the laws in the time of Christ. They had only one check and balance, the Roman administrator. If there is one mistake our founders made, it is not dealing with this obvious conflict of interest in our legal profession. They will want to lock me up for even discussing the elephant in the room, but this needs to be discussed. We need to recognize these problems with the legal profession. This should be a topic of study and further discussion. They are a necessity of civilized life, but their influence and power need to have limits. That would be fun to see lawyers spinning, weaving and ducking, while we are discussing limits on their profession. By the way, lawyers are and have always been predominantly liberal Democrats. The lawyers will never be satisfied, and will always be running one of their own for President on the Democratic ticket. They are so drunk with self righteousness and power they will destroy this great country that has served them so well, if we permit them. They just can’t help themselves, just like those kids in a candy store. They’ll take everything they can get their hands on, gorging themselves and stuffing their pockets at our expense, and at the expense of our freedom.

Make no mistake there are some good, honest, righteous lawyers, but they are the exception rather than the rule. Our legal system needs reform! Common sense reform, not more legalese.  Our justice system was designed by our founders to be of the people, for the people and by the people.

The primary goal of our legal system then

was to arrive at truth and justice.

Today lawyers have hijacked our legal system

and use their rules to

suppress truth and subvert justice.

We the people need to take our courts back! After all they are our courts!!