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Steve Gutow, President & CEO of JCPA on Shalom TV - 7_23_17, 10.44 PM.mp3

Israel National News Report; Jews are One Nation - 7_24_17, 2.00 AM.mp3

Savage;Rails on America Haters the Jews.mp3

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Savage; Academia now pushing pedophila.mp3

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E. Michael Jones, News Reports of Anti-Semitism & then ABC local News Report Identifying Isreal, & Washing Post Report of Paid Protesters.mp3

the Nazis. Moslems believe the Arab is a superior race and the tribe from which Mohammed descended is the most prized. They believe so much so in their superior race they approve of cousins marrying first cousins.

Not only do Moslems despise Communists because 90+% of Jews are Communist or at least heavily support the liberal Democrat party, but 95% of everything liberals in this country espouse is the antithesis of the values of Islam. Liberals in this country promote homosexual marriage and adoption. They promote abortion, promiscuous sex, and illegitimacy. They promote the legalization of drugs and pornography. They are weak on crime advocating prisoner release programs for violent criminals and especially sex  offenders. Everything Hollywood is offensive to Islam. But

                        the one thing

          that is most offensive to Islam

           that liberalism has promoted

                   here and in Europe

                  is a godless society.

Islam has allied themselves with this evil ally because by dragging those societies into the sewer as liberalism has done, western societies are weaker and easier to subdue with their coming jihad. Fat western societies addicted to TV, porn, godlessness, laziness, and dependent on government handouts will lack the resolve to stand up to Islam. Moslems have used liberals (Communists) as a means to an end. They have no fear of liberals (Communists). They have absolutely no respect and in fact despise Communists just as Hitler did Stalin. They abhor Communists as godless infidels and will treat them just as they did David Pearl. They fear and respect Christianity most, and have used Communists to lead us away from Christ, and Christian values.

The Communists still have not come to their senses as to the evil they will soon be facing, but it is coming. When you consider the evil that is Islam, the abuse of women, the abuse of children, the violence, the intolerance, the lack of free speech, the aggressive abuse of power, the combining of church and state, the evil of Islam is unparalleled even in  primitive religions of the past. Everything communists pretend to defend is totally disregarded in Islam, and yet liberals and communists remain silent. Just like Stalin, the Communists will be caught flat footed, totally unprepared.


       But in the NEW WORLD ORDER

                     can there be

   a Communist NEW WORLD ORDER


     a Moslem NEW WORLD ORDER?         

      No, there can only be one bully

              on the play ground.

Today in this country there are multiple mosques in every city. They are the equivalent of KKK temples or Nazi party headquarters. The evil of Nazism and the Ku Klux Klan which self righteous liberals claim intolerable are embraced by liberals when they excuse Islam. But but but, they're such nice people and they have close families. Guess what, so did Nazis and the KKK. If you would have visited a nice Nazi family before WWII you would have said the same thing. They seem so nice. Or how about a KKK family. It doesn't matter. They are cults of hate.

Sure, when you meet and talk to Moslems one on one with their families they are peaceful nice people. Most don’t attend the mosque and aren’t practicing Moslems. Thank God for that.    They are in most respects like the rest of us, trying to raise their families and earn a living respectfully and peacefully. In most respects they have better family values than western societies, but only because liberals have led western societies away from Christ and Christian values. But where were those Moslems on 9/11/01? How many publicly renounced the terrorists. When Moslems celebrated in the streets around the world, what Moslems said this is wrong. When Moslems celebrated the return of the Lockerby bomber was there any descent. No, there was none. Let’s be honest, most of those nice Moslem families are secretly proud of their terrorists, and for those few who may be ashamed, none have the courage to renounce Islam. They’ve learned to go along to get along, because they know that to renounce Islam is to invite a death sentence. Yes, individually many are warm caring people, but even among them, ask how they feel about Jews, and you may see the face of Hitler. Islam is a cult of hate, and has no place in western civilized society, as neither do Nazis or the KKK.

The reason Obama is unconcerned about releasing Gitmo detainees in the US is because he believes he has an alliance with them. Obama is also relying of his and his mentors alliance with Islam in dealing with Islam. Many Moslems believe Obama is a stealth Moslem that has gained the position of the presidency to assist them in their plans for a world jihad. Many Moslems believe they have an ally and fellow Moslem in Obama. Obama thinks he has them fooled into believing he is one of them, and therefor can keep Moslems placated while he is up to his Communist treachery. He considers them friends and allies, but he overlooks the reason for the alliance was to bring down the last greatest haven for freedom, capitalism, and Christianity, the United States of America. Now that the US is in the hands of communists, Islam will no longer see the need for this alliance. And guess what else, Moslems see Communists just as Hitler saw them. Moslems consider Communists their mortal enemy, the Jews. Moslems have used Communists to infiltrate western countries, but when they no longer have a need for this alliance, when they see their goal of world jihad is in reach they will turn with a vengeance. It is time for the real fighting to begin.

But this is God's will, and just as it took Communists to defeat the Nazis, it will take Communists to defeat Islam. The best one to bring down the bully on the playground is the other bully.

So while it may seem to us Christians we are being unfairly targeted by Communists and Moslems, soon the focus will shift as these two evil adversaries square off. This is God's plan. It has to happen. It is the only way the world can right it's self. For Christians this is the most exciting time to be alive. This is why we're here. Let's roll!

Download PDF version of this articleHome_files/The%20Coming%20Battle%20with%20Islam.pdf


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Universities Under Assault, Inchworms Destroying our Culture

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LGBT & Jews So Proud They Admit Their Plans & Treachery

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Judaism Revealed, Problem w/Dual Citizenship

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Islam Revealed

Problem w/Dual Citizenship Pt 2

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1_22_18 Rt_Lft Propoganda, Creating War Time Economy, Savage's book _God, Faith and Reason_.mp3

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   The Coming Battle with Islam
                    by Jack Justice

What happens when there is a bully on the play ground? Simple, Kids do what the bully wants. What happens when a new bully is introduced on the play ground? Well, can there be two bullies running the play ground? No. When there are two bullies, one bully will eventually submit. There can only be one bully on the play ground. Some times they may join together to get the rest of the play ground kids to play by their rules, but at the end of the day there can only be one bully.

On the world stage prior to WWII who were the bullies? They were Hitler and Stalin.  Now before the war when the other kids on the play ground weren't playing by their rules they decided to be allies. Even though they neither one trusted the other, at least for the time being they would be friends. But Stalin didn't understand the animosity Hitler felt toward Communists. Having never faced off with the Nazis or Hitler, he underestimated Hitler. Stalin also admired Hitler for what he had accomplished. On the other hand Hitler despised Communists. Communists were his biggest adversaries as he rose to power in Germany. And guess what else?  A huge majority of Jews were Communists. Communists were overly represented by German Jews, and in Hitlers eyes they were the same. He despised the Communists because he considered them to be his mortal enemy, the Jews. He blamed them for burning the Reichstag, and considered them much worse than the western allies. 

Stalin didn't realize the level of animus Hitler had for Communists.  Thus Stalin was totally unprepared when Hitler invaded Russia. In fact initially when it was reported to Stalin that Hitler had invaded, he didn't believe it. From Hitlers perspective it had to be done. He had over run western Europe, the center of the western world, and had been stymied in his attempt to take England, but assumed he would wear the English down eventually, so rather than be frustrated over England, he decided to turn his attention to the other bully on the play ground, Stalin. Initially it appeared to be a rout. But in hind site who was really best suited to take on Hitler? Who would be the most ruthless adversary for Hitler. THE OTHER BULLY! And who was it that beat Hitler. Was it England and the USA? No, it was Stalin and the Communists. Hitler lost WWII in Stalingrad. After Hitler's defeat at Stalingrad it was only a matter of time. Sure the United States played a huge part. We were incredible and fought two wars in the Pacific and Europe. On Germany’s eastern front we provided military hardware to Stalin, but it was the Communists who did the fighting there, and they were ruthless. The German high command was terrified they would have to surrender to the Russians. They much preferred the western allies. 

   Prior to the war they were allies, but at some point once they felt they had the upper hand over the rest of the play ground, they would have to turn on each other. It was Stalin and Hitler that was the big fight in WWII. Far more Russians died than any other group, and far more Germans died at the hands of Russians. It was Hitler vs. Stalin. It was Communists vs. Nazis.

What is soon to begin will be reminiscent of the history that took place leading up to and during World War II between Hitler and Stalin and the clash of ideologies of Nazism and Communism. These two evil men and their evil ideologies were the source of the real war in WWII. Everybody celebrates the allied victory in WWII as if America and England won the war. They didn't win the war, Germany lost it and lost it to Stalin.  The world may have been better off if we had not taken sides and let them beat themselves, and then the western allies could have vanquished the last standing bully, but maybe not. Maybe the Communists need to be here to take on the Moslems. When it comes to ruthlessness only the Communists can measure up to what it may take to defeat the Moslems. The Communists have shown us in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Ukraine  under Stalin just how far they will go to bring people into submission. In evil and ruthlessness maybe only the Communists can measure up for this kind of fight. Moslems have shown us throughout history what they are all about, and today their terror strategy is consistent with their prophet Mohammed. As in all things, it was in God's hands during WWII and is in God’s hands now. 

Today there is an uncanny parallel to the Hitler/Stalin alliance. Today this alliance is not centered in two men as it was during WWII, but then again, by the time the real fighting starts it may be. The parallel today to the Communist/Nazi alliance is the Communist/Islam alliance. Islam has been allied with Communists to defeat capitalism, western democracies and the Christian world for the last 30+ years. They have worked together to aid Moslems to infiltrate western Europe, the United States and Africa. They have worked to hide the true nature of Islam in the press. They have intentionally not reported Moslem atrocities in this country and in Moslem nations. There has been a virtual blackout of news of abuse of women, children, and slavery that is accepted in Moslem cultures. All that Communists (liberals) pretend to abhor in this country is practiced in Moslem countries openly and do goody pretentious communist (liberal) journalists conveniently ignore it. 

Today there is another parallel to Hitler and Stalin. Just as Stalin admired Hitler for his conquest of Western Europe and his dictatorial take over and control of Germany, communists today admire Islam for its ability to control large populations, and especially to control immigrant Moslem populations in western countries. Islam has very effectively silenced descent by making it Islamic doctrine to execute any who would criticize or renounce Islam. To do so is to invite a death sentence, or a fatwa. By making this a doctrine of Islam, even those non-practicing Moslems are reluctant to challenge the evil of Islam.

And just as Hitler despised the Communists largely because he considered      them     Jews,   so   do  the Moslems. The Moslem animus toward Jews is an absolute parallel and equal to Home_files/7_27_15%20John%20McCain%20Traitor,%20Jeff%20Cessna,%20Real%20Vietnam%20War%20Hero_1.mp3