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Patriot American

Yea, I was born in Mexico

and I thank God

My parents brought me here

This country has been a blessing on my family

So, yes I'm from Mexico,

but I'm an American Now

And I have no desire to go back

So I want to say to my brothers and sisters

from Mexico

That won't learn the language,

that disrespect this country

and want to repatriate

Our American Southwest back to Mexico,

Then leave.

Maybe you need to be reminded

What Mexico was like.

But you are giving my family a bad name.

You are an embarrassment to us,

and now because of you

Americans like us are being lumped in with you,

And loosing the respect we deserve

And the respect we have earned.

We love this country,

And We vote Republican

So if you're like us,

And love this country and want to keep it