Fear, The Mother’s Milk of Tyranny

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FEAR! is the MOTHER'S MILK OF TYRANNY. Tyrants rule by fear. Castro, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Basher Assad, and Islam (satanic cult religion) etc. etc. etc. rule by fear. Truth is important, but

           truth doesn't scare them.

They want people to fear them and their governments. Hearing talk show hosts argue good points, wringing their hands, preaching gloom and doom, trembling at what's coming doesn't bother them, in fact it may even pump them up. 

   What scares them most is not being 


   What scares them most is being


Yes this is serious business, but laughing in the face of danger is thrilling, empowering and a beautiful strategy to overcome it. As our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they knew the punishment for treason and made jokes about how they would hang. Talk radio is incredible today, and something Reagan didn't have, or those unfortunate people, but we can't squander this small time we have left. They'll keep coming and eventually we'll be dealt with the way they see fit.

Laughing at them, mocking them, will shake them, and will defeat them, and not just ad-lib, but regularly timed spots listeners can tune in for and look forward to.

                    Mocking them says:

  "We don't fear you" but it say more, it says:


"We're coming for you, and we are unafraid"

It is the strongest most belligerent statement we can make. It empowers listeners and terrifies those who support tyranny.

Mocking Islam is punishable by death in Islam, and mocking tyrants can be equally dangerous. Now is the time to get it on. We need to make them a laughing stock. 

Mocking them will stop an all out confrontation.

It will prevent blood shed and mass destruction!

It will stop them in their tracks, stop the conflict they are trying to create. It will cause them to back down in shame and slither back under the rocks they crawled out from.