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Medical Research


One extremely sad fact in this country is that

today four thousand babies are being aborted every day

That’s almost 1.5 million a year

I doubt even Hitler was more efficient than that

But what is even worse is that in 1993

A Democratic congress and Democratic President

Voted to allow fetal tissue research

With that vote

Partial birth abortions began

And dead babies in this country

Have now become a cash crop

Their little bodies are being cut up and

Sold for medical research and transplantation

I recall in the mid 20th century

Jews were being used for medical research

What a noble cause

They were dying to benefit humanity

Gosh I wonder how many Jews volunteered for that job

They didn’t, self serving German citizens that voted for Hitler

Made that choice for them.

I can assure you, those Jews wanted to live,

Just like these babies, they would choose to live.

So how about you.

Are you going to vote Democrat?

Are you going to volunteer these babies for medical research

I know I won’t,


and Support the New Republican Victory Committee!