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Energy policies 1


The United States has more than enough oil,

natural gas and coal reserves

To provide 100% of the energy needs for this country

We also have the technology, skills and safeguards in place

To extract it with less risk to the environment than anywhere in the world

If environmentalists were genuinely concerned with our global environment

They would insist that it be produced in the United States

And not be imported and transported half way around the world

Increasing the risk of spills and environmental disasters

Not to mention our national security

These two faced lying Environmentalists are Democrats

They have tied up our oil and coal reserves

And made us beholden to the sheiks of the middle east

While these sheiks refer to us as the great satan

And Al Gore and Barak Obama would like us to give up gasoline all together

And drive electric cars!

Democrats, they are driving up the cost of oil

Costing the least among us the greatest hardship!

Democrats, they are costing us all today at the pump

And if we’re not careful,

they may cost us our freedom!!!

So hey, you in the trenches,

Step out of line

Vote Republican

The party for real men and women

The real party for working men and women!!!

and Support the New Republican Victory Committee!