Forget Endorsements

We Need Team Reagan!

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I’ve watched Republican conservatives crash and burn in the Presidential primaries over and over again since Bush 1 and before Ronald Reagan. It’s the same old story. The field begins with 8-10 viable Presidential hopefuls and one by one moderates drop out leaving one moderate with 4 or 5 conservatives still slugging it out. They just don’t seem to realize what is happening, or seem too bull headed to concede in order for conservatives to rally behind one conservative. There may be something much more sinister keeping the conservatives slugging it out, but that is only speculation.

One thing for certain, media elites definitely want to pick our candidates, and especially the Republican candidate. They aren’t so concerned about the Democrat, after all they’re all Democrat. It’s the Republican that scares them, and so it’s the Republican primary they are most interested it. New World Order elites are also just as concerned about the Republican primary. They control the media, but they also control lots of money and may use that money to encourage candidates to stay in and then pull their funds to get them out. One million here and one million there can make all the difference, and they’ll use their money to get the results they want.

Conservatives need to wise up and understand:

  1. 1.What they’re up against and then

  2. 2.Steps to counter elite strategies.

  3. 3.We conservatives can only win by coming together.

  4. 4.There is no need to concede or compromise any liberal ideas. This is the Republican primary and absolutely if conservatives will come together they will win. A moderate (actually stealth liberal) could never defeat a conservative in a two man primary race.

  5. 5.Conservatism, if sold with passion and unapologetically will win, and if not, we have bigger problems than just winning one election, and compromise is still not the answer.

Conservative Republicans often seem timid when asked to share their conservatism, or not quite all in on conservatism. Compassionate conservatism won’t get one vote. Asking liberals for their vote is a waste of time. They’re going to vote Democrat. Conceding to liberal ideals will actually take air out of the Republican sail, and give us defeat. Those concessions are exactly what the media and New World Order elite want to hear.

We also need to pick our fights, and know when to keep our mouth shut. Ron Paul is a perfect example of a candidate who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. He’s a fool and acts like he thinks elections are all fair and the American way. He acts totally naive as to who is pulling the media and money strings that have so much influence in these elections. Ron Paul is deliberately being made a spectacle in order to muck up this election. Ron Paul acts like he alone is responsible for his following. The media has been using him, making him a spectacle and he’s so proud, he thinks his strategy is what has gotten him where he is. Ron Paul is a chump and he’s too full of himself to see it.

As imperfect as all the “conservatives” are in the primary, if they will come together they will achieve total victory, but coming together is not getting endorsements from candidates leaving the race.

Coming together is:

including those candidates in the new administration, declaring during the primary that those former candidates have agreed to serve in the new conservative administration

and the lone conservative victor announce that he intends to nominate those former candidates to specific posts in his new administration and especially one should be chosen as his VP or at least an uncompromising conservative should be announced as his nominee for VP, and the conservative VP choice should be announced during the primary. It will drive liberals insane. A strong conservative minority or woman will make them see red. Alan West, Michelle Bachman, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio.

Screw the status quo of past elections.

We need to shake up this election

Additionally this will suck all the oxygen out of the news cycle. Moderate and liberals won’t know how to respond.

Conservative voters have a win/win. They will still get to vote for their candidate even though he or she didn’t make it through the primary, by voting for the team. They’ll get a true conservative with their top choice serving in the new administration. This will truly bring conservatives together.

And even more fun, you will see liberals wringing their hands ready to jump off tall buildings. They will argue every way but Sunday to stop it, and this will drive them nuts.

How this comes together doesn’t matter, it just needs to happen in order for conservatism to prevail. Otherwise we will all be playing their game by their rules with their media and their money.

However, I could give an example on how this might work. Conservatives have three standing candidates currently in the race. They are Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. So for the sake of saving America they decide to meet and see if they can come together. The three vote on who they think should carry the conservative ticket but they aren’t allowed to vote for themselves. Santorum will vote for Newt, Paul for Santorum and Gingrich for Santorum, so Santorum would likely be the Conservative chosen. Then they decide how each of the others should serve in the new administration. Ron Paul could be Treasury Secretary, Gingrich Secretary of State, but better yet, bring back the other conservatives and even former candidates. Herman Cain could be the Commerce Secretary, Michelle Backman HHS, Tom Tancredo Homeland Security, Duncan Hunter Secretary of Defense and Alan West VP.

Something like this will create a super ticket with surrogates campaigning all over the country for the team. Democrats and liberal Republicans won’t know how to stop it. This would create an incredible spectacle, and the press won’t be able to stop it.

Sounds like a dream, well, we’ve got to do something or they’ll win and we’ll have another failed moderate candidate.