Do You Miss Bush Yet?

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The answer to that question should be absolutely not. Will anyone miss John McCain? Will we miss Bob Dole? Do we miss George H. Bush? Do we miss Gerald Ford or Richard Nixon. These are the failed Republican candidates and Presidents of the last 50 years. They were all Republican establishment blue blood elites. They were the pick of those country club Republican insiders that know better than us middle class ordinary working Americans.

So let’s look at their successes and legacies. Nixon gave us price controls, gas lines, defeat in Vietnam, opened trade with China while China sponsored Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and this during China’s cultural revolution, a tragic time in China when Mao Zedong unleashed marauding teen agers called the Red Guard on Chinese land owners and shop owners killing millions. In fact China sponsored Pol Pot in order to punish Chinese ex-patriots who had fled to Cambodia during the cultural revolution. What the press never told you is that most of those killing fields were filled with Chinese ex-patriots. When the Khmer Rouge discovered someone of Chinese descent working at their communal farms they were summarily executed. While this was going on Nixon rewarded China and made China our trading partner. That is the real legacy of Richard Nixon. Then to ad insult to injury he gave us Watergate and resigned in shame and disgraced the Republican Party.

So How about Ford. What was the legacy of  Gerald Ford. Well he was appointed by Nixon and his first act as President was to pardon Nixon. Ford continued the policies of Nixon, and did nothing to undo the damage Nixon had done. The legacy of any Presidency is what follows that administration, and what followed Gerald Ford was Jimmy Carter. Gerald Ford was an establishment country club blue blood elite Republican insider. He and Nixon inspired this country to elect our first Communist President, Jimmy Carter.

So how about George H. Bush. What were the successes of George H. Bush and what was his legacy. He gave us our first conflict with the middle east and rode in to defend Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. Now those are some honorable allies. Moslems(sheiks and princes) that would like to slice all of our throats having their own fight among themselves, and we have to take sides and come to the defense of Sheikdom. Not to mention his attempt to undo all that Reagan had accomplished. He was a stealth New World Order elitist and conservative impostor. So what was his legacy? Bill Clinton and the most corrupt administration since Warren G. Harding.

So how about Bob Dole? What is his legacy. He was the consummate back room deal making Republican insider and the country club Republican choice with no more conviction and spine than Bush, Ford or Nixon before him. He was a pathetic failure.

So how about G. W. Bush. Bush gave us more of everything wrong with this country. He gave us a larger Department of Education with “No Smart Child Left”. He brought us closer to nationalized health care with expanded Medicaid and Medicare by signing the prescription dug benefit bill. He corrupted our electoral process by signing the McCain/Feingold bill.

Bush decided that uneducated primitive tribal people living in mud huts with dirt floors  with a repressive satanic cult religion of hate needed to be democratized so they could be free. Bush told us over and over again that Islam is a religion of peace. You wouldn’t know it if you read the Koran. Trying to create a free and democratic society in the context of Islam is a waste of precious valuable lives, time and money, and is a total sham. Bush was an insider, bought and paid for just like his dad.

Had he not conned us into those wars, he would never have been re-elected. Voters just couldn’t live with themselves abandoning our soldiers on the battle field if they had voted Democrat, so they held their nose and voted for Bush one more time, but make no mistake we shouldn’t have been there to begin with.

When it is all said and done with all the good intentions of our soldiers and the American people and the lives lost and money spent, Afganistans and Iraqis will go back to their mosques on Saturday evening decrying everything we stood for and accomplished, plotting their revenge and killing each other just as fervently as they were before we arrived.

Bush attempted to turn over security for our national ports to Dubai, he attempted to give us Harriet Meyers as his supreme court appointment. Bush made a few good  decisions but only because he was forced to do so by conservative stalwarts in his own party.

Bush gave us Tarp, the bailout, and government kick backs. Bush had majorities in both houses and was well aware of the corruption and problems in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and failed to stop the mortgage melt down. Bush did nothing to undo what Clinton had done, which led to the collapse and subsequent bailout of Wall Street. He appointed the same people to run our Treasury department that have presided over our melt down. He didn’t reinstate the uptick rule or reinstate Glass Stigal. He went along with the same Goldman Sachs advisers that have gotten us to this point of financial ruin. In these respects he is no better than Obama or Clinton before him.

But most of all by being a pathetic failed President he gave us Obama. The biggest legacy of George Bush is Barak Hussein Obama. Bush was so bad people elected our second Communist President, and the most corrupt President in the history of this nation by a factor of probably 5 or better. Obama has raised the bar when it comes to corruption and is deliberately attempting to subvert our constitutional rights and freedoms. He is using a centuries old strategy devised by 16th century philosopher George Wilhelm Hegel to take away our liberties, and right now he is succeeding.

So how about John McCain. I began to understand McCain while listening to a former Vietnam POW who had called a radio talk show to talk to Admiral Stockdale when he was running for VP with Ross Perot in 1992. Stockdale was the ranking US officer in the Hanoi Hilton where McCain was held after his capture in Vietnam in 1968. This caller, a former POW had also been held in the Hanoi Hilton during the time McCain was there. He referred to McCain by the nickname he and others had given him, “Songbird McCain”, and stated that McCain was known to be a traitor and a snitch by his fellow POW’s and Stockdale didn’t deny it. According to this former POW, McCain started singing the minute he landed in Hanoi, and he’s been a traitor ever since.

These failed Republicans were supposed to be the voice of conservatism, the voice of the opposition to communism. We were told this is the best we can get.

But do you miss Bush, McCain, Bob Dole, G.H. Bush, Ford or Nixon.

      No we don’t miss them

    and will never miss them.

     We want to forget them.

Only one President in the last 50 years do we miss, Ronald Reagan.

Since Reagan every Presidential candidate has declared themselves a Reagan conservative, but we have to discern who is real and who is the impostor. It is clear the Republican establishment elite has made Romney their choice. If this nation is to survive we have to find the real Reagan conservative and today that is Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum can win this nomination by running against Bush,  McCain, and Bush 1.

Bush has been so effectively vilified by the media in their feeding frenzy to get Obama elected, and rightly so, that the animus toward Bush is still fresh.

If independent voters are reminded of Bush and his failures and reminded that Romney is the Bush candidate just like Songbird McCain they will abandon Obama and Romney and vote for Santorum.

Republicans are embarrassed by Bush, his failures and his legacy. We are embarrassed by McCain. Bush gave us McCain and Obama. We have to keep the vilification of Bush alive to remind would be insider candidates how they will be vilified. We need to lead this country back to sanity, justice and freedom. We have to take it back and use every means and strategy to do so. They have the money and media. We just have to remind voters of past failures and who they are.

One other lesson we should learn from Reagan and Bush 1 is not to compromise our principals for political expedience. Reagan selected George H. Bush to be his VP even though their philosophies were diametrically opposed. He, under pressure, went with an insider elite to be his running mate and we have paid the price for that choice with every Republican candidate and President since.

The consequence of that choice has led to the dismantling of everything Reagan accomplished. Because the VP is likely to be the successor in a successful Republican administration the choice of running mate is critical to carry on and further those successes. The lesson learned is that the running mate on the Republican ticket must be a like minded conservative.