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Why would intelligent, thoughtful, considerate people embrace and hold on to liberal lies. Why would so many of our friends, family and neighbors embrace liberalism. Why would people we all know, who otherwise seem to be intelligent and rational, hang on so stubbornly, to the deception that is liberalism. Radio talk show host Michael Savage pondered this question and decided there could be no rational answer. He concluded only mental illness could persuade people to accept a premise and conditions that would lead to their demise. He decided that liberals were so dulled, so twisted by illicit drugs, they had lost their ability to reason, and suffered some type of psychosis. That may be true for a large number of liberals, but there are plenty who never abused drugs. There are plenty who have no physical or psychosomatic reason they would knowingly embrace an obviously flawed premise, a premise that if taken to its definite conclusion would lead to certain death and destruction of our civilization and their own families.

Che’ Guevara is the perfect study of such a person. He was intelligent, thoughtful, and considerate (by some accounts). So why did Che’ embrace the flawed reasoning of communism. Why was he such a devout Communist, and spent his life in pursuit of a Communist world revolution. He was not driven by greed. He spent his last days and a good portion of his life living in jungles, sleeping on the ground, scrounging for food, just to further his dream of a world Communist revolution. Once he and Castro overtook Cuba, he could have spent his life living in luxury in the Cuban Communist government. Why did he persist so tenaciously? Why did he insist his family live meagerly, when they could have lived comfortably.  Why was he so determined to pursue his Communist goals. He was intelligent. Couldn’t he see the harm and injustice of Communism?

The answer to Che’ and that of other liberal’s dilemma to pursue positions which would lead to destruction are very simple. They are invested in those lies.

Years ago I worked in several prisons doing construction work. I worked inside the prisons and was exposed to the prisoners. I was intrigued by what took place in the prisons and got to know many of the prisoners briefly while on the jobs. One thing I noticed as I talked to the prisoners while I worked, was they never took responsibility for the crimes for which they had been sentenced. Some would admit they had done the crime, but all that I met would rationalize their crime. They would say, “Yea, I killed a guy, but he had it coming”. I never heard one prisoner say, “I blew it. I made a terrible mistake. I did something terribly wrong.” They all would rationalize the poor choices they made. They all had a ready excuse for what they had done, and were therefore justified. 

I recall college when I joined a fraternity and was required to pledge and endure weeks and late nights of humiliation and hardship to be accepted into the fraternity. They wanted us pledges to be invested in our fraternity. The more time, the greater the hardship, the more emotional investment we had. The greater the emotional investment the more devout fraternity member we would become.

In any endeavor, or any commitment, the more time spent often equals the greater the emotional investment. Often, ceremonies are made to create emotional investments.  The marriage ceremony is the most obvious, but other ceremonies do the same thing. Whether it is marriage, acceptance into a club or participation in an activity, we become invested in whatever it is. Sometimes that investment can be a single dramatic act, other times it can be weeks, months and years of our lives. As we spend and devout more to whatever it is, we become more and more invested, whether it is based on evil and deceit or goodness and truth, we become invested.

When the activity or commitment is based on lies it is no different. The KKK member adds to his investment with each meeting, each protest and each violent act. The Black Panthers became more invested with each gathering, and each violent act. Organized criminals and felons become more invested with each crime. The more we become invested, the more difficult it is to give up. The more we become invested, the more difficult it is to admit our error. Liberalism is like a club, and each protest, each vote,  and each activity we partake to further liberalism adds to our emotional investment. With each investment it becomes more difficult to admit our error. It becomes more difficult to admit our investment was a waste of time, and in fact furthered lies and deceit. It becomes more difficult to admit that we were a party to evil. When a woman has an abortion, that single dramatic act becomes a huge investment in liberalism. That is why abortion is truly the liberal sacrament. Taking a helpless innocent life is a huge investment in liberalism. Most women can never admit what foul evil they have committed. Just like those prisoners, they rationalize the evil they have done. They make excuses for it, they pass the blame and defend their choice. They are invested in it. The bigger the investment the more difficult it is to give up.

Our emotional investments are our work, our friends, and our activities. Often they seem irrational. Women become invested in collecting dolls, crafts, or decorating for the holidays. Men become invested in hunting, fishing, fatherhood or gambling. We become invested in our relationships, and then sometimes our hate for a past relationship. We become invested in our faith in God, our faith in goodness and virtue. We become invested in our lack of faith, our belief that virtue has no rewards and cunning and deceit will prevail.

Whatever it is, the greater the investment, the more difficult it is to let go. Just like saving for our retirement, as our nest egg grows, we hang on to it more tightly. As our nest egg grows we become more devoted to it. Emotional investments are no different. The larger the investment the more devoted we become.

       Emotional investments can be explained and understood just like a financial investment. The more we invest the more difficult it is to admit our error. Gambling is a perfect example of just how we become attached to our financial and emotional investments. I recall while working construction, going to a county fair the last night we were in town. We were having a night to relax and have fun before we left for home in the morning. A smooth talking carny sucked me into a shell game. I’m smart and I’ve always been good with numbers and I thought after he lured me in, I could beat him. He let me win the first couple rounds and then proceeded to clean out my wallet. I became invested in his scam and not until I was wiped out would I accept the truth of what a fool I had been. Many people will come back over and over, trying to win. Casinos make their living that way. This is why gambling is so addictive. It is both an emotional and financial investment. Many investors just can’t face the fact they made a bad investment and hang on till nothing is left. Emotional investments are no different. People hang on to emotional investments and refuse to see the harm they have done, just like gambling, or drugs, or an abortion, or any bad investment.

. Once they step over the line and make that initial emotional investment, they just can’t see clearly and continue to rationalize and hang on to that investment. It could be video games, a bad relationship, drugs, pornography, promiscuous sex or an affair. Whatever it is we invest in, once we step through the door, once we make that initial investment, it can be difficult to step back.

This is why Satan has it so easy. We are all born suckers. It is our nature. We are all prone to make poor investments, emotionally and financially. It takes real self discipline and humility to recognize when we are making mistakes and pull back. Often when we have made poor emotional investments and refuse to see the harm, we justify it further by encouraging others to join us. We ask others to go to the casino with us, or share a joint, a little crack cocaine, or just a cigarette. We trivialize our poor choices and make excuses for them. Heck, pornography never hurt anyone, a little recreational sex is normal and healthy, that next door neighbor’s spouse sure looks hot and naughty. It’s just a few beers, I’ll be fine.

It is amazing this incredible country has held together as long as it has. Had it not been for our Christian founders, it never would have. Today we are beginning to see the results of some of the choices we’ve made. Illegitimacy, drug abuse, promiscuity, reckless spending for us personally and as a nation, and we are now facing two monstrous adversaries that have their sights set on bringing this nation down, liberalism and Islam, and they are working together to bring us down.

It would be nice if we could just talk it out, and reason with them, but that will not work. They are invested in the evil they pursue.

               We can’t expect those

           with emotional nest eggs

        built on lies, to embrace truth,

    we can only gird ourselves for battle

and defend ourselves. When Che’ executed his friend in the jungle for being a traitor to the revolution, his investment became too large to ever let go. He could never admit to himself what he had done was wrong, especially when he executed his good friend. His investment became larger and larger as he ordered and supervised thousands of executions by firing squad after Havana had fallen to Communism. He then tried to spread his revolution in the African Congo, and when that failed he tried to spread his revolution in Bolivia, South America. His emotional investment was just too large to ever let go.

Abortion is such an emotional investment. Few women ever let it go. Just like Che’ and his friend, his first execution in the jungle, it is too painful ever to face the truth. Liberalism is not a mental disorder, it is pure evil, and especially in the case of abortion. It is a heinous evil and for those invested in it, it is too painful for most women to ever face the truth of it. 

For those few that do come around they become the most vocal proponent against the evil they have overcome. The recovered smoker becomes the most virulent antismoking crusader. The recovered alcoholic, gambler, or drug addict become the best counselors to help others quit. The woman who has had an abortion becomes the strongest advocate for unborn children. Having realized their emotional investment was like that shell game, that they were duped, they become incensed, outraged against the foul evil that once possessed them. You can identify one who is truly recovered by their humility and advocacy against that which held them for so long. Those who are truly recovered and repentant will lead the charge.  They are angry. They have an axe to grind, a score to settle. They will be charging into battle, screaming with their weapons drawn.

But there is another foul underside to this culture which liberalism has wrought on us. We have become an undisciplined, spoiled, self centered, lazy, arrogant, hedonistic, and a misogynistic society. Liberalism, which has taught us not to discipline or correct our children, has dangerously weakened us. Liberalism which has taught us that self esteem is of more value than knowledge and humility has infected our schools, and youth, and threatens to destroy us from within. People who have grown up without boundaries for their behavior, and have never been made to accept criticism or correction are those who are the least likely to ever accept their errors. When these types of people have their emotional investments in self centered and self destructive pursuits they are the hardest to break. Having seldom been corrected or shown their error as they grew and developed, they will be much less amenable to accepting correction as an adult. Liberalism has pushed our society to the edge, now we will have to work much more diligently to pull it back. Liberalism has created this society by design, now that they have been exposed, we need to correct it, and it is a major correction.