Beware The Bush Apologists

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It's now become clear to any rational observer and commentator our national media is extremely biased, and it goes way beyond bias to actual collusion to promote liberal policies and prop up the Obama administration. Finally a majority of conservative commentators are beginning to admit this country has been deliberately propagandized to influence election results. Some are even screaming foul at the top of their lungs, and there isn't much objection, just silence from the main stream, and pretending they haven't been noticed.

Now that the main stream has been outed the question needs to be asked. Were they also meddling in Republican primaries? If the main stream has a vested interest in seeing liberals succeed, wouldn't they also be working their treachery in either political primary? Are we to believe this media con job for Obama is the exception and that prior to this presidency they were unbiased reporters, and that political coverage and stories were just random?

That will be the new spin, and to prove their unbiased nature you will see more Bush-ites and Bush apologists: Carl Rove, Scooter Libby, McCain, Graham, even Newty Gingrich, string of wimpy Republicans etc. etc. in their efforts to have the appearance of propriety in reporting. The spin will be to suggest we have two choices. Communist Obama and company or Bush-ite and company. The implication will be that conservatives are way too radical for main stream politics and unelectable, so your choice is Obama-ite or Bush-ite. The implication also is that there was a significant difference between Bush, Clinton and Obama. Funny how cozy Bush I and Obama are when they are out campaigning for new volunteerism. These guys are on the same team, and have been on the same team all along.

Now that we know the propaganda machine that got Obama elected, we also need to understand they are the same propaganda machine that got Bush elected, Clinton elected and Daddy Bush elected before him. The only presidential candidate to upset their apple cart and set them back on their agenda of one party rule was Ronald Reagan. Reagan was just too good. He was media savvy and without weakness accept for jelly beans. Thank God for Ronald Reagan. It has taken them 20 years to undo his accomplishments.

But we shouldn't be naive to think media propagandizing hasn't been an election ploy long before this election. They think they have this country in the bag so much so now they aren't even trying to hide their intentions. Main stream media are now fantasizing openly about their hopes and plans for this nation. It is incredible how arrogant and confident they are. They think they have already succeeded in turning this nation into a communist state.

It is possible most Republicans weren't in on the scam, but that liberal Republicans were promoted through their propaganda machine and then destroyed while in office in order to usher in the next more liberal Democrat (Communist). Of course liberal Republican congressmen and senators were lauded for their bipartisanship, only the leadership would be destroyed in order to make way for the next even more liberal President, house or senate leader.

This country has been set up. Talk radio is beginning to see what happened, and talk radio is still in it's infancy. This is the real fight coming. The propagandists against talk radio, propagandists against truth. They have to stop talk radio. But make no mistake, Bush is as much a traitor as Obama. He was a little more stealth, and definitely a lot more stupid. Bush began the policies that Obama has expanded. Bush had a majority in both houses of congress, but what did he do to counter anything Clinton had done. Bush let it all slide and expanded what Clinton had started. Oh sure, he cut taxes a little, but what good does that do when you expand government. Bush tried to give us Harriet Meyers, Dubai Ports, and immigration reform. He signed McCain/Feingold, the Kennedy Education bill, and expanded Medicare. We can never settle for an impostor in the White house in the Republican party again. Nixon, Gerald Ford, George H. Bush and G. W. Bush were all impostors, frauds, masquerading as Republicans. They gave us Sandra Day O'Connor, Judges Souter, Stevens and Kennedy. They gave us wage and price controls, gas lines, higher taxes, China as our major trading partner, GATT,and NAFTA.  Republicans left us at the mercy of OPEC. They did nothing to stem our dependence on foreign oil. Republicans left our borders open. George Bush sat by quietly as Ramos and Campean were sentenced for attempting to apprehend repeat drug smugglers. Bush sat quietly as our troops were court marshaled for fictitious war crimes. Republicans left our children hostage in Marxist public schools. Ronald Reagan was the real deal and even he got conned into signing some bad legislation, but he set this nation back on the course of freedom and truth.

We don't need to be vigilant about what the Democrats (Communists) are up to. We know what they are up to. They wouldn't know how to hide a pine needle in a Christmas tree farm. They are easy to figure out, and we can beat them. The ones to be concerned about are the Republican impostors, and if they are appearing regularly on media outlets as the Republican voice in a debate, the con is beginning for the next election cycle.

In the last Republican primary the conservative candidates were subject to a media back out or media attack. The "crazy eyed" conservative, Ron Paul was promoted, because he has the sales appeal of a psych patient, but Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter were systematically disposed. We have to see through the media con in order to beat them, and understand we've been chumped.