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Oh ghast! What are you saying! It can't be! How could you! Please restrain yourself!

OK I said it, and I'll say it again. Be a patriot, buy nonunion. There! As all the conservative political pundits bash unions, the AFL CIO, UAW, Teamsters, etc.  none dare suggest patriots should boycott union goods. They wouldn't dare be accused of being unpatriotic. Well we need to graduate to actions that back up our rhetoric. There is good reason to aggressively go after the unions in this country. They have become way more corrupt than the management they were originally created to fight.

Union membership ought to offend every American who cherishes freedom and competition. Competition is one of the pillars of our freedom. Competition to outperform your fellow football players or basketball players and fellow assembly line workers. Competition drives the 5'2" overweight uncoordinated basketball player wanna be into the broadcast booth where he also can outperform fellow aspiring broadcasters. Competition leads us to where we also can shine to utilize the gifts God has given us. Just as Rush Limbaugh speaks with talent on loan from God, he certainly doesn't have talent on loan from God to be in the ballet, but if the ballet were unionized, and he decided to, he could be in the ballet. Yes he could! A little money under the table or above the table and he would have that union ballet card.

All of us have a place in this society even if for no other reason than to teach compassion and love to those caring for us. The child with downs syndrome or other physical or mental handicap is here to remind us, that but for the grace of God, this could be you, and even as glorious as this life can be, at the end of the day, we are all mortal and will share the same destiny, to be judged by our father. But for us to be less than we could be, to squander the talents God has given us is one of the greatest sins. Unionization does exactly that. It discourages competition, and encourages mediocrity. Mediocrity is probably what Michael Jordan would have been had he been an accountant and less than mediocre is what most accountants would be in the NBA. How about if Tom Brady had decided to be a postal worker, and how many postal workers would make it in the NFL, and thank God Kurt Warner pursued his dream to be a quarterback in the NFL instead of a grocery store worker.

Labor unions in America are a weighted chain on our economy. Americans have been dragging it around waving our flag as if it is something to be proud of. Labor unions are unAmerican. Competition is all American, and will make this country strong. Unions have driven our factories overseas. They have stunted our production, propped up slackers, and penalized the hardest working most productive among us.

Unions have also divided companies against themselves. Unions are the antithesis of an organization working for a common goal, and pit one faction of an organization against the other. Imagine how successful the New England Patriots would be if the players and front office were constantly in conflict with each other, or if a player that couldn't make the cut were kept on the team because the union steward insisted and management didn't want to fight it. In that case who is harmed? The whole team. For an organization to succeed and excel there must be unity toward one common goal. Sports is the one place competition still thrives, and is the perfect illustration of how America should work. While foreign auto makers are beating us hands down, we are propping up labor unions, while the rest of us have to  compete for our jobs every day.

What happened to the glory days of competition between GM, Chrysler, Ford and the companies they squeezed out. This country has always been about winning, but unions have made America about mediocrity, and liberalism has made winning a heartless sin to be punished.

I'm watching the march madness NCAA tournament and I see the passion and pride in these teams that once defined this country. And there is pride in each player, win or loose. They put their heart and soul on the line and are proud of their contribution to the team, and for those that go home early, they work to improve and come back fighting next year. Sports in this country is the last bastion of competition where freedom is on full display. This country should be on full display for the world to see what freedom and competition can achieve, instead we have a bunch of cry baby spoiled fat pathetic union leaches dragging this whole nation down. They are afraid to compete for their jobs. Excuse me! What are we going to have when Obama is finished with this country? Your posh retirement while the rest of us support you?

And what about government construction contracts. Us working chumps are paying taxes but are excluded from government construction projects. Schools, courthouses,    roads     and         bridges, stadiums, prisons etc are being build exclusively with union workers. So 70% of America’s citizen tax paying work force is excluded from government work.  The government that is supposed to be there to protect our rights is excluding  the majority of citizen tax payers. Nonunion workers are excluded from all these pork projects. Projects we are paying for with our hard earned tax dollars exclude us. Pork projects are nothing more than kick backs to union thugs.

Government unions are the worst. Oh yea, you loyal government employees need those unions to protect you from those predatory federal, state & local governments and publicly funded nongovernmental agencies. Wait a minute, government is supposed to be our salvation. Government is the answer to all societal woes. Unemployment, single moms, poverty, public housing, public education, health care etc. etc. Well if we can’t trust government to be a fair to workers then who can we trust? Unions! That’s right! Unions are the only arbitrators of fairness in the work place!

Puke! Give me a break! Government unions are the worst! Mediocrity definitely reigns there. Everywhere unions get their greedy fat sausage fingers, pride in your work becomes second to protecting your turf. Cover up, deflect, making excuses and benefits are the rule, and who pays your bloated wages, benefits and retirement? Us working chumps. Firemen, give me a break. Teachers, what happened to your passion and pride in your work. How many days do you really work? How many days do you take a personal day or sick day? The rest of us are struggling day to day just to make ends meet, to pay your salary, your personal days, your sick days, your summer vacation and your retirement.

Unions are not about fairness in the work place. They are about power and politics, indoctrination, kickbacks, milking union dues for political favors. Unions are the monsters! Unions are exactly the foul corrupt monsters they claim to be protecting us from.

70+% of the work force is nonunion, and yet they are expected to prop up the 30% for whom the fix is in. Those 70% nonunion are the hardest working Americans. They have to compete for their jobs every day. They are expected to perform, not make excuses, and when they can no longer make the cut, they get cut, and find a way to channel their talents into something where they can be more productive. We need to quit being chumps to unions and stand up against them. Boycott union goods. Yes, General Motors, Chrysler, Ford. They sound American, but are they really? Then how come they can't compete! They used to be the best manufacturers on the planet with the best products. What happened? Foreign competition? NO, UNIONS HAPPENED! They would be the greatest manufacturers on the planet and with the best products, but why are they so weighted down. Unions have their chains on them. The problem with American industry is unions, lawyers, and liberal politicians. We can attack them all by boycotting union goods and standing up for America!

And oh, you macho union guys, how macho are you? Your union supports gay rights, gay marriage, abortion, pornography, legalized drugs, illegal immigration, and illegal immigrants to be taking American jobs. Gosh how does that sit. Yes they do support these un-American ideals when they spend your union dues to elect democrats that push the un-American anti-America agenda. So yea, that's you, and the problem is your union. You want to protect your high wage and retirement, but screw the rest of working America. Leave our borders open and promote the destruction of family values and the American dream. You are voting to screw the rest of us, screw family values, screw the American dream, screw your fellow tax paying citizens but protect your bloated job and retirement. We're wise to you now.

There is another reason to boycott union products. Us working tax payers that have to compete for our jobs are now paying UAW pensions. Yes, we are killing ourselves just to get by, but in addition to paying for all those government salaries and pensions, welfare and housing benefits, we are now paying UAW pensions. These union leaches are now sponging off us working tax payers. We have two choices, be chumps to the union slackers or say no mas, no mas. We have to fight the unions every way possible, fight the politicians they purchased with those union dues and boycott union products.

There’s something else you union slackers need to consider. OK you’ve protected your bloated job, retirement and medical benefits by voting Democrat all these years. So now you’ve won. You finally have achieved all you were voting for. You have the White House, Congress and Judicial branches of government. You, along with the Hollywood elite, lawyers and homosexuals have finally achieved your political ambitions. So how does it feel? Well look at your beloved President’s comrads in arms. Look at Castro, Chavez, Morales and his other South American compatriots. Look at China, North Korea, and Russia. Gosh how well are factory workers treated in these Communist utopian states? Look hard, because that is what you have to look forward to. Your union was nothing more than a means to an end, and you thought there would be no end. Well surprise, they’ve achieved their goals of one party communist rule, and now you are expendable. In fact, they detest your pickup trucks, guns, families, and red neck ways. They think only chumps actually work for a living, and consider you are definitely not smart enough to figure them out. You are the ultimate chumps, and until you have the courage to fight for America, all of America, not just your bloated wage and retirement, and stand up to them, you will continue to be chumps. The real competition not just for jobs, but for our country and freedom needs to begin now. 

You can begin by standing up to your union and throwing your union out. Too much to ask? Yea you guys are real men all right. You’ve got it made and wouldn’t dare bite the hand that has fed you. Well get ready. That hand will soon be slapping you down. Soon you will be able to show all of us just how tough you are, but don’t expect any tears from us. We’ve been fighting for our rights to compete all along. You guys were insiders. You and your politicians have left our borders open and sent most of our industry and jobs to China. You guys are the last ones standing  and you didn’t see it coming. They’ve sold Hummer to China, and you  still don’t see it. Our steel mills, textile &  shoe factories are all gone now and you think you are immune to the sell out of America. Oh you poor union chumps.

When I watch Dirty Jobs, Ax Men, Ice Road and the Most Dangerous Catch, I see men dedicated to their jobs and the spirit that built America. Mike Rowe doesn't work any union jobs. You won't see any wimps complaining about benefits on Ax Men or Dirty Jobs. Say no to unions! Be proud to be nonunion! Have the courage to compete for your job! Stand up for America! Fight back for this country! We can’t allow ourselves to be duped any longer. Let's be real men once more, unafraid to take on the fight. In the words of our 9/11 patriot Todd Beamer, Let's roll!!!!  Roll those unions.