Anti-Bush Ad

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Liberal Republicans need to be tarred and feathered. They need to be shamed and slammed during the primary. Many Democrats will cross party lines and vote in the Republican primary. This ad is targeted directly at them and conservative Republicans will know how to vote. This will also demoralize the establishment voter and candidate which will suppress his vote in the primary. The liberal media establishment has so vilified Bush and past Republican candidates and Presidents that this will reach out to those who would cross party lines and try to muck up the Republican primary.

Ad against Romney

Will you miss John McCain,

Do you miss George Bush

Do you miss Bob Dole

Do you miss George H. Bush

Do you miss Gerald Ford

Do you miss Richard Nixon

These are the failed Republican Presidents and candidates of the last 50 years.

They were the blue blood country club Republican establishment elites choice, just like Mitt Romney today

We don't miss them

We will never miss them

We want to forget them!

however, if you miss Bush

Go ahead, vote for Romney

But if you are tired of making excuses for Republican failures

if you miss Ronald Reagan

Vote for Rick Santorum

We don’t want Obama

But we sure don’t need another Bush