Adolescent Liberals

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With liberals we are dealing with one common denominator, immaturity. They are emotionally adolescent, and think emotionally. So

   What do children and teens

          fear above all else?

What is the single biggest cause of teen suicide. Why in the 40's, 50's and 60's were homosexuals "in the closet".

                          FEAR OF


And what do children and teens do when they become the butt of jokes, when they are the object of ridicule?

  They run and hide. They retreat.   

   They don't fight back, they run.

Privately they'll conspire and devise ways to get back, but

They fear ridicule and mocking

               above all else.

Their answer to those who would point at them and laugh, HATE SPEECH legislation, and political correctness, and of course they have Hollywood and the main stream press ridiculing everything we hold dear. It's a brilliant strategy, because young people are terrified of being laughed at. Comedians and prime time TV hit our youth with a barrage of mocking ridicule directed to everything we hold dear. Nearly every prime time sitcom has gays and rampant promiscuous sex mocking conservative values.

The mistake talk radio and conservatives make is the belief that reason and flawless arguments will win the day.

      Those who have emotional  investments in evil are not going

        to be talked out of it.

Those receiving government checks and benefits, women who have had abortions, those obsessed with immoral choices are not going to be talked out of them.

One of the best ways to begin to persuade them, and discourage others from following them is by laughing at them (mocking ridicule). Shaming them is another effective strategy, but they have tried to muzzle both these strategies with Hate Speech legislation, and new campaigns against bullying.

Even Rush is sounding like the sky is falling today. He was at his pinnacle when he was having daily environmental updates, homeless updates, women's(NAG) updates and song parodies. He and his audience were upbeat and laughing at liberals. Liberals couldn't stand it, but now somehow it seems even Rush is giving them honor and respect.

Today we are scared and it shows. We need to be laughing at them, without fear of liberals and their  hate speech lawyers.

This is going to get worse, and if we are going to win this battle, we've got to get tough.

  Making them a laughing stock

  will stop them in their tracks!

We need to recapture a major factor that caught the country by surprise with Rush Limbaugh when Clinton won his first election. HIS MOCKING RIDICULE!

We can beat these heathens back and have fun doing it, just like Rush, by laughing at them.